Are Magnetic Lashes Really Worth It?

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May 9, 2014
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September 21, 2017
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Are Magnetic Lashes Really Worth It?

So, are magnetic false eyelashes worth buying? Well, before you finally make it up in your minds, these are some of the pros & cons you should know first about:


  • Ultimately, purchasing a magnetic false eyelash can help you a lot when it comes in saving money. If you are a kind of person that goes through a set of magnetic false eyelashes & tubes of glue-liked water, magnetic false eyelashes can be the best alternative that you can use, in order to achieve the best look that you are wishing for, for your eyelashes.

  • Magnetic false eyelashes are quicker, and once you have got the proper technique of applying them, there will be no more struggles, as you could apparently do the process in seconds. In addition to that, when they fall, you could simply put them right back on, instead of walking around wearing one lash.

  • Magnetic false eyelashes can create bold look! Perhaps, most of you want to achieve the best look of yourself, that’s why you tend to look for multiple ways on how to become more beautiful. That’s what a magnetic false lash can provide! If you’re going to Halloween party, and you’re wishing to have a dramatic look or bold look, then you can always consider using magnetic false eyelashes.

  • Full magnetic false lashes don’t provide natural and undetectable appearance that other lashes can provide, however they always create that bold lash lines which give the look of drastically long lash, whether you’re standing on the stage or in a dark area of the party. Instead of applying eyelash glue in your eyelids, the eyelashes glue could be directly applied to the magnetic false lashes that press into your lash line.

  • Magnetic false eyelashes are better not only for those women who are trying achieved the stunning look of their eyelashes, but they are also great for environment. But, it doesn’t mean that regular lash is bad, and is not good for the environment. However, magnetic false eyelashes do not get put at the bin; therefore they can help a lot in reducing the waste from the landfill.

  • In addition to that, magnetic false eyelash is vegan; therefore, you know that it is animal-friendly as well.


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